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Olympus Family Medicine

Olympus Family Medicine has been a proud part of the Frisco community since September 2006. Our mission is to provide quality comprehensive healthcare to patients ages 5 and up.

We offer a wide range of treatment options for both acute and chronic healthcare needs, as well as a variety of preventive health and physical exam services.   

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete, someone with multiple healthcare concerns, or still learning your ABC’s, we can take care of you.

Telemedicine Appointments

Our office is now offering Telemedicine appointments. Call 972-377-0322 to schedule an appointment today. Coverage is policy dependent. Call or login to your health insurance plan to find out if you have Telemedicine benefits.

PCP Selection

If you have an HMO or an insurance that requires you to choose your PCP, please call your insurance and change your PCP to either Dr. Neumann or Dr. Lin BEFORE your appointment; otherwise, you will billed the out-of-network rate. Many health insurance plans do not cover out-of-network providers.